What is new in our software


Ver. no. Date


 6.00  2016.11.02 1. New modules CPT Explorer and Interpretation based on Unicode standard.
2. New Language Manager.
3. New graphics in Interpretation module.
4. New dissipation analysis and new dissipation log.
6.01 2017.08.08

1. New structure and content of header compatible to GEF 1.1.3 and AGS 4.0.
2. Selection of header data for printable extended header report.
3. Import/Export procedure of formats GEF 1.1.2 and GEF 1.1.3.
4. Modification of CPT-CAD - compatibility with Unicode files generated by CPT-pro 6.XX.

6.02 2017.09.28

1. Selection of language and edition of header in CPT Explorer module.
2. Grouping elements of extended header in categories.
3. Adding extended header elements to Favorites.
4. New functionalities in ZOOM function in CPT Explorer module.

6.03 2018.03.30.

1. Modification AGS 3.1 import and export procedures.
2. Implementation AGS 4.0 import and export procedures.

6.04 2018.09.20

1. Extended export to CSV format.
2. Export to CSV included to Batch Processing Macro.
3. Export to XLS and HTML launched.
4. Edition of soil type on log.
5. New function in cloud - marking User selected depth ranges.

6.05 2019.07.05

1. Classification by Robertson 2016 launched.
2. Export to GEF in Batch Processing option.

6.06 2019.08.22

1. Header table edition - selection of layout of table and content of cells.
2. Reduction of resolution of Datem data files.
3. Automatic joining of offshore down-hole tests.
4. Modified procedure of interpretation of offshore soundings.

 6.07 2019.12.19

1. CAD graphics added to CPT Explorer module.
2. Generating map with test locations and DWG / DXF background.
3. Selection test for analysis by double click on map.
4. Statistics of selected tests - total length, total thickness of layers of each soil type.
5. New User friendly selection of color and graphic symbol for description of soil type.

6.08 2020.05.06

1. Added estimation of bulk density of soil by Robertson '2010.
2. Number of channels extended to 400, including 200 User's channels.
3. New file import procedures. 
4. New setup procedures (lines, geological symbols etc.).
5. Mean values in layers added.
6. Trend lines in layers added.

6.09  2020.08.10 

1. Import and analysis point parameters.
2. Import and analysis DMT (Marchetti dilatometer) files.
    - import *.dat files (generated by automatic DMT system)
    - edition and saving as *.dat files DMT data generated by old type analog DMT system
    - Interpretation of DMT measurements in accordance with the procedures and correlations developed and recommended by prof. Silvano Marchetti.

6.10 2021.03.23

1. Improved graphic component.
2. Increased speed of graphic component(zoom, scrolling etc.).
3. Added classification method by Robertson 2010.
4. Added elements of liquefaction analysis:
    - Normalized cone parameter Qtn 
    - Correction factor Kc to correct normalized cone parameter Qtn in silty sands (=Qtn,cs)
5. Estimation of state parameter Ψ
6. Estimation of friction angle Φ on the base of Qtn,cs

6.11 2021.06.04

1. Added description of the depth/ordinate of the bottom of the layers
2. Added new evaluations:
    - Estimation of effective fristion angle in sands by Kulhawy & Mayne
    - Estimation of drained Young's modulus by Robertson & Cabal

6.12 2021.07.21

1. Added presentation of FVT (Vane Field Test) tests - depth/elevation and shear strength t interpreted in VANE-pro.
2. Added settings related to FVT tests and width of soil bar.

6.13 2021.10.01

1. Added edition of predrilling depth.

6.14 2022.06.02

1. Direct editing of header field names and their contents on the log
2. New templates for the header table
3. Batch change of header fields values
4. Import of * .GOU files added

6.15  2023.01.16 

1. Added individual statistics for the test and their export to XLS
2. Added summary statistics for the selected test package and their export to XLS. 

6.16 2024.03.28

1. Added hatch support to display style
2. New interpretation methods added
3. Expanded scope of individual statistics
4. New, high quality geological patterns


Ver. no. Date


 2.00  2019.07.01 1. New graphics. Plotting few graphs (standard, remoulded and rotation speed) in the same chart.
2. Automatic selection of tests performed in defined hole and common sounding log.
3. Saving results in XML file.
4. Automatic interpretation of Shear Strength Su and Sensitivity St taking into account correction factor.
2.08 2021.01.22 1. Extended and editable header table added.
2. Automatic correction of irrelevant peaks.


2021.02.15 1. New fields in header table.
2. New options for remolded soil test.
2.10 2021.03.22 1. Corrected procedure of calculation of sensitivity St.
2. Improved graphic component.
3. Increased graphics speed.
2.11 2021.04.12 1. Calculating the value of the mv correction factor on the basis of the values of external parameters - the plasticity index IP and the liquid limit WL.
2. Adding external parameters to the uniform VTF data file.