Geo DB

Geo DB is a suite of integrated databases, analytical programs and graphic tools. It allows you to save virtually any geological and geotechnical information from field research, drilling and laboratory tests in the database, analyze and create documentation (borehole logs, reports, charts, sections, maps, etc.).

Geo DB allows you to collect hydrogeological information from piezometric measurements and well performance measurements. Reports from such measurements contain information about the construction of the piezometer/well and the results of measurements over time.

The program is dedicated especially to medium and large enterprises, where work is performed by large teams, but also (in the version with MS SQL Express Server) it can be effectively used by small companies with 1-10 workstations.

Main features of the program:
- Local and network databases
- Working with Access, MS SQL Express Server and MS SQL Server
- Possibility to enter soil classification and create borehole logs in different classification standards
- USCS, PN-B-02480 and PN-EN ISO standards included
- Ability to enter data and create documentation in any language
- Built-in CAD vector graphics
- Configurable borehole log
- Reports
- Maps, sections, contours

Download GEO DB description