CPT-pro is a multi-module program designed for complex analysis, interpretation and presentation of CPT soundings, and also for elaborating geotechnical documentation. Methods of CPT sounding interpretation along with formulae and graphs have mostly been extracted, with the knowledge and consent of the authors, directly from the monograph of:

Lunne, T., Robertson P.K. and Powell J.J.M. Cone Penetration Testing in Geotechnical Practice. Published by Blackie Academic & Professional. 1997.

Detailed information concerning this monography, including its distribution, can be obtained by sending inquiries to the address geosoft@geosoft.com.pl 
or directly from the authors tlu@ngi.no.


CPT-pro can be applied for different formats of CPT data. You do not need to use any converters to open your files. Additionally, Import/Export procedures of CSV, GEF and AGS formats make CPT-pro totally universal. 

In spite of number of implemented correlations, an add-on Formula Editor allows user to define own interpretation functions, so the number of correlations you can use is simply unlimited.

Procedures for offshore soundings, including Down-The-Hole testing and automatic joining separate datafiles into ones are implemented.

Included Batch Processing and Batch Printing procedures make data reduction and interpretation extremely efficient and time saving.

Using the graphic tools of CPT-pro, particularly CAD type ones implemented in CPT-CAD module, you may generate high quality and  complete geotechnical and geological documentation. The built-in export procedures enable saving the drawings (maps and sections) created by the program in the form of DWG and DXF files, that enable further proceeding - if necessary - in other graphic programs, like  AutoCAD, MICROSTATION etc.

Cpt-pro description (PDF)                Download Data Editor description (PDF)

Download CPT-pro demo  

System requirements: WINDOWS Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10



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