Geotech SCPT-GS2

Geotech SCPT-GS2 measurement system for measuring the velocity of S and P seismic waves. The system cooperates with the CPT NOVA measurement system, so during one press you can simultaneously record a standard CPTU measurement and the amplitude of seismic waves.

The SCPT system is based on two 3-axial accelerometers 1 m apart, so it is possible to record the same seismic wave at two different points.This allows for very accurate measurement and effective interpretation.

The test result in the form of recorded amplitudes of seismic waves can be interpreted in the SEISMIC-pro program, where the velocities of seismic waves are determined. Further interpretation to determine the values ​​of geotechnical parameters, such as Initial shear modulus G0, Young's modulus E0 and others, is carried out in the CPT-pro program.


Sensors 2 3-axial accelerometers
Distancce between sensors   1000 mm
A/D conversion With accelerometers, a digital signal is transmitted to the surface  
Sampling frequency 900-7200 Hz 
Dimensions 36 mm x 1440 mm
Weight 7.2 kg