Geotech 604-04

Technical specification:

Stroke:  2450 mm
Max pull-up force: 70 kN
Max pull-down force: 37 kN
Spindle system: Single (Multi) / Double
Opening in spindle: Ø 85 mm
Torque, spindle: 167 daNm (theoretic)
Rotation speed, spindle: 0 – 85 rpm (theoretic)

Length, mast lowered/upright: 3500 mm / 3600 mm
Height, mast lowered/upright: 1660 mm / 3400 mm
Width over belts: 1670 mm
Width overall: 1800 mm
Weight:  appr. 2500 kg
Ground pressure: appr. 1,7 N/cm²
Ground clearance: 270 mm
Diesel engine: Isuzu 4LE 39 kW @ 3000 rpm
Drive engine:  Hydraulic with planetary gear, 125 cc/rpm
Drive force:  11,7 kN / belt
Parking brake: Built in track gearbox
Manoeuvring speed: 0-5 km/h
Belts:  Rubber with steel braces
Belt braces:  U-profile with two inner braces
Belt tension:  Hydraulic
Winch, Ramsey RPH 8000
Rod quiver (tiltable, hydraulic, as option)
Boggie, one per belt
Storage case
Jaw vice
Working light, 2 pcs
Single spindle system or Double spindle system
Hydraulic system:
Pumps:  2x19 cc / 1x8 cc
System pressure: 220 bars
Hydraulic oil:  Petro Canada ECO 46
Oil volume:  appr. 65 litres
Valves:  Danfoss PVG 32
Oil cooler  DIM2899 12 kW