Georig Geotech 220

Penetrometer Georig 220 is designed for static sounding CPTU and other field penetration tests like:

  • Seismic sounding SCPT
  • Conductivity and temperature
  • Static sounding CPT with mechanical Begemann cone with electronic registration
  • Dynamic sounding DPT (light, medium, heavy)
  • VANE test with full electronic registration
  • Dilatometer test DMT
  • Seismic dilatometer test SDMT
  • Augering to 20 m
  • Soil sampling

Technical specifications:

Stroke:  1250 mm

Max pull-up force: 200 kN
Max pull-down force: 200 kN
Spindle system (option): Single, Geotech type
Max opening in spindle: Ø85 mm
Max torque spindle: 2400 Nm (theoretical)
Rotation speed spindle: 0 - 85 rpm (theoretical) 
Dimensions (appr.):
Length, mast lowered/upright: 2400 mm / 2850 mm
Height, mast lowered/upright: 1420 mm / 2160 mm
Width overall: 1610 mm 
Weight:  2180 kg
Ground pressure: 2,8 N/cm²
Ground clearance: 235 mm
Diesel engine: Isuzu 28 hp continuous

Drive engine:  Hydraulic with planetary gear 125 cc/rpm
Drive power:  8.4 kN/track
Parking brake: Built in track gearbox
Manoeuvring speed: 0-4 km/h
Belts:  Rubber with steel braces, mechanically stretched
Belt braces:  U-profile with inner brace
Boggie (option): One per track
Hydraulic system:
System pressure: 220 bar
Hydraulic oil:  Petro Canada ECO 46
Oil volume:  65 liters appr.
Valves:  Danfoss PVG 32
Oil cooling:  2030 k 10 kW