WPGI24 Symposium

The 8th National Symposium CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY IN POLAND (WPGI) is organized by the Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute on October 15-18, 2024 in Łódź.

Key conference topics Methods of conducting research, reconnaissance of the subsoil and selection of geotechnical solutions for construction investments;

Offshore wind farms - off-shore documentation from environmental studies to construction;

Nuclear energy facilities - location reports, geological and engineering documentation at various stages of the investment process;

Pumped-storage power plants and accompanying investments - reconnaissance of the geological structure, determination of geological and engineering conditions, identification of geological hazards;

High-speed railways - methodology of reconnaissance of the subsoil for the needs of investments in conditions of dynamic impacts;

Gas transmission system and storage facilities - geological and engineering conditions from mountainous to marine areas;

Underground tankless storage of substances and underground storage of waste - documenting geological and engineering conditions;

Low-temperature geothermal energy and engineering geothermal energy - reconnaissance of the substrate in the preparation and implementation of investments in the field of ground heat pumps and thermal energy storage;

Assessment of ground contamination, remediation - new regulations, good practices;

Digitization and automation in geology - BIM in geology and geotechnics and digital construction design, automation of geological works.